Value-Added Services

Every financial portal claims to be unique and different. But what sets our platform apart from other online financial services is our wide array of value-added services that not give them single window platform but also makes investment experience an enjoyable one.

Every financial site promises to be one-of-a-kind and distinctive. But what sets us apart from other online financial services is our extensive suite of value-added services, which not only provide a single-window platform but also make investing a pleasurable experience.

MFC Membership Card

MyFirstCrore Offers a wide array of exclusive features and benefits to their investors including travel, dining and health ties ups. The card entitles our clients to special tie ups with leading restaurants, gyms, fitness clubs and diagnostic chains.

MyFirstCrore provides its investors with a variety of special services and incentives, such as travel, eating, and health tie-ups. Our clients may use the card to get exclusive discounts at top restaurants, gyms, fitness clubs, and diagnostic businesses.


Free Filing of IT returns

Lot of young investors specially salaried people do not file returns believing form16 is enough. Filing of returns builds financial credibility and is a national duty.

All MFC clients can avail free filing of IT returns . This is applicable only for e-filing of returns.
(For any tax related advisory, pending dues or arrears or refunds, the investor needs to contact the tax consultant)

Many young investors, particularly paid individuals, believe that filing Form 16 is sufficient. Return filing is both a national requirement and a means of establishing financial credibility.

IT returns may be filed for free by all MFC clients. This only applies to the e-filing of returns. (The investor should contact a tax specialist for any tax-related advice, pending dues or arrears, or refunds.)