The Ready Reckoner

The Ready Reckoner Rate, also known as the Circle Rate, is a regulated and assessed standard value for real estate properties such as land, commercial property, and residential property by the state government. Every year, state governments release new Ready Reckoner Rates for various sections of the state. The rates, on the other hand, vary a lot between states, cities, and towns. This Ready Reckoner list is available at Complete Circle Capital Pvt. Ltd. to assist you in better managing your health. Build your plan with Complete Circle Capital Pvt. Ltd. Check out Ready Reckoner on Market Indicators here only at Complete Circle.

While many variables contribute to the economy's growth, one important component, known as the "ready reckoner rate," plays a larger role in determining real estate price movement. Before going into more detail about what these rates are, it's crucial to note that ready reckoner rates vary by location and are established by the state government of the appropriate state. Find Planning & suggestion for your wealth at our website.

Ready Reckoner on Economic & Market Indicators

  GDP (USD Million) 2067
  GDP YOY (%) 7.5
  GDP QOQ (%) 4.1
  Interest Rate / Repo (%) 7.25
  CRR (%) 4
  SLR (%) 21
  Bank Lending Rate (%) 10
  Gold Reserves (Tonnes) 588
  Forex Reserve (USD Million) 353350
  FDI (USD Million) 1749
  Unemployment Rate (%) 4.9
  Govt Debt to GDP (%) 65.5
  Govt Budget to GDP (%) -4.5
  Corporate Tax Rate (%) 34.61
  Sales Tax Rate (%) 12.36
  10 Yr G Sec (%) 7.75
  US 10 Yr (%) 2.2
  UK 10 Yr (%) 1.88
  INR / US $ (Rs) 65.27
  INR / Euro (Rs) 72.69
  CPI (%) 3.78
  WPI (%) -4.05
  Oil ($ / Barrel) 49.03
  Gold ($ / oz) 1115
  MF YTD Inv in equity (INR Crore) 36800
  FII YTD Inv in equity (INR Crore) 43350