NRI Investments

Non-resident Indians can invest in mutual funds through Complete Circle Capital Pvt. Ltd. An NRI can use their net-banking account to create an account and invest in mutual funds. However, there are several limitations and additional/specific criteria for an NRI to invest in mutual funds in India.

Opening an NRI Account with

An NRI account is fairly similar to a conventional investor account regarding how it is opened. The investor would need to fill out the application form online, create it, and submit it with the requisite documentation documents. We recommend that our potential NRI clients initially provide us scanned photographs of their papers for verification. We may review the documents and tell you whether they are acceptable for account opening or require revisions. When it comes to shipping papers through international couriers, this might save time and money.Do your Equity Research with us.

Can NRIs repatriate their earnings from mutual funds?

  • Suppose the investment is made on a repatriation basis. In that case, the redemption funds and the nett income or capital gains (after tax) emanating from the transaction are eligible for repatriation.
  • If you invest on a non-repatriation basis, you can only repatriate the investment's nett income (the dividend after taxes).


Due to regulatory constraints, most AMCs do not accept investments from investors in the United States and Canada. Such investors can invest in all of L&T Investment Management Limited's and Sundaram Mutual Fund's mutual fund schemes. .

Documents Required

To invest and be KYC compliant, an NRI must have the following.

  • An Indian passport or an OCI/PIO card
  • A PAN card
  • An overseas address with proof there-of
  • An NRE/NRO account in India

As a frequent investor, the investor must complete a one-time KYC registration using their foreign address evidence.

Maintaining a Rupee account in India is a common problem for Non-Resident Indians. There are two primary motivations for creating such an account: NRIs wish to repatriate money earned abroad to India, and/or NRIs want to maintain profits generated in India. A Non-Resident Rupee (NRE) account and/or a Non-Resident Ordinary Rupee (NRO) account are available to NRIs. A Person of Indian Origin (PIO) and an Overseas Citizen of India can create an NRO account (OCI).

NRE and NRO accounts are similar in that they can both be created as savings or current accounts, and they are both in Indian rupees. In both NRE and NRO accounts, an average monthly balance of Rs 75000 is required. Visit our website as the best learning centre for you.