Financial Personality Assessment

Investing is a journey, with the first step being our unique research-based evaluation of your 'Financial Personality.' Investors differ in their comfort level with decision making, sophisticated goods, and investing strategies. As a result, a thorough grasp of each client is required. The procedure is quantitative, requiring both your cognitive and emotional reactions to investment, resulting in a detailed map of the qualities that comprise your Financial Personality and investor profile. Regardless of the circumstances, our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible during the investing process. Look at the Portfolios Insight online.


Asset Allocation

According to studies, Diversified Asset Allocation provides for over 90% of a portfolio's long-term returns, making it the single biggest source of long-term gains. Complete Circle Capital Pvt Ltd forges a distinct path in calculating market capitalisation and the intimate features of alternative asset classes. This allows it to calculate the ideal amount of each allocation in your diverse portfolio.

Asset Class Characteristics:

Domestic Equity:Domestic equity has historically outperformed bonds in terms of risk-adjusted returns over long periods of time. Domestic bonds/fixed income: lower risk and better returns than cash, as well as deflation protection.

Domestic Bonds/ Fixed Income:Real estate: possible illiquidity compensation in the form of large risk-adjusted returns.

Real estate:Offshore Equity: Achieve superior risk-adjusted returns by providing new perspectives on other asset classes and global outlooks. It also hedges and diversifies.

Offshore Equity:Commodities and alternatives: Long gestation duration and tactical considerations Not to exceed 10% of total portfolio value.


Portfolio Construction and Product Selection

Our fund selection approach takes into account both returns and risk. The Fund selection process is both quantitative and qualitative in nature. The evaluation not only provides a short overview of how a fund has done historically in comparison to its rivals, but it also attempts to capture future potential, something no rating agencies do.

Our Primary Section allows an Investor to select from some of the greatest and most thoroughly studied mutual funds, providing our Investors with a platform to trade at any time and from any location. We have prepared three sample portfolios to select from for novices and persons with limited time or knowledge.

1. Conservative

For investors seeking capital preservation, minimal volatility, and predictable returns.

2. Moderate

Investors that desire to attain both growths and are ready to endure mild volatility.

3. Aggressive

Investors who have risk tolerance endure volatility and feel that equities are the greatest asset class in the long run.


The model portfolio is made up of well-researched funds with a proven track record in terms of risk, returns, and essential portfolio features. We give risk-adjusted returns a higher weight than pure returns. When it comes to investing your hard-earned money, it is critical to pay close attention to the dangers.


Low churn despite regular portfolio monitoring

How a Review Can Increase Profits

A portfolio should be reviewed at the end of each calendar quarter to ensure that it is achieving your desired results within acceptable risk and other constraints, such as cash flow requirements and tax considerations. Most people withdraw money from stock investments at the bottom of the market, preventing them from participating in recovery and buying at the peak, just in time to lose money. We try to delay impulsive reactions in both the fear and greed zones and direct the portfolio with long-term investment concepts in mind. Visit our learning centre now!