Who and What is Complete Circle Capital Pvt. Ltd.?

Complete Circle Capital Pvt. Ltd. is an online mutual fund and financial investment Products distribution platform that is available on both the internet and mobile applications. It provides a platform for investors to save consistently and with discipline, ultimately contributing to their goal of Saving Big and Creating Wealth. It is neither a pledge nor a commitment, but rather a tool to help them reach their first crore in mutual funds.

Who are the promoters of Complete Circle Capital Pvt. Ltd.?

The enterprise was founded by three senior wealth managers, each of whom has over 12 years of wealth management expertise with retail and high nett worth people, as well as past experience with banks and NBFCs. Please see our About Us section on MyfirstCrore.com for more insights & Ideas.

What are the benefits of Complete Circle Capital Pvt. Ltd.?

  • Online portal for investing in mutual funds that is simple and transparent.
  • Transactions are made easier, more convenient, and more secure.
  • Financial literacy, financial awareness, and the simplification of investing decisions.
  • Host of Value Added Services, such as help with filing IT returns and legal services such as succession planning and will writing.
  • Sincere, open, and a one-stop-shop for all of your investing requirements.

How do I make Complete Circle Capital Pvt. Ltd.? (Simple Steps Outlined)

As previously said, it is neither a pledge nor a commitment, but rather a tool to help them reach their first crore in mutual funds.

Step 1:

Determine how much you can invest each month. We recommend setting aside at least 15-20% of your monthly earnings. The higher, the better.

Step 2:

Choose your risk tolerance: conservative, moderate, or aggressive. Each risk profile features a model portfolio made up of the industry's finest funds, complete with backtested data and fund properties. It also provides a time-horizon depiction of the amount you may invest monthly. Try Succession Planning with us.

Step 3:

Once you've selected the amount and category, our programme will calculate the anticipated time horizon for you to reach your aspirational goal of One Crore.

Step 4:

If the investor is comfortable with the recommended time horizon, he or she will be given the underlying funds in which the money will be put, as well as fund information.

Step 5:

The investors will next be required to provide their PAN in order for the KYC status to be verified. KYC-compliant consumers will next submit their personal information and proceed to the payment gateway to authorise the transfer of funds to the plan.

Step 6:

The soft copy of the form, together with your login and password, will be emailed to your registered e-mail address. Within 7 working days, our representative will contact you and collect the physically signed copy. Alternatively, he will bring a physical copy for signatures.

What are Mutual Funds?

A mutual fund is a sort of professionally managed investment vehicle that combines funds from several participants to buy securities. While the phrase "mutual fund" has a legal definition. It is most usually applied to regulated and offered to the general public collective investment vehicles. They are sometimes known as investment firms or registered investment companies. All mutual funds in India are managed by Asset Management Companies. Try Complete Circle Capital Pvt. Ltd.’s SIP Calculator online.

Are these Mutual Funds Regulated in India?

Yes, all mutual funds are subject to the Securities Exchange Board of India's (SEBI) vast and complex regulatory system, as well as rules established by the Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI) (You may visit websites of www.sebi.com and www.amfi.com for further understanding)

How are you assessing my risk appetite?

We have defined three model portfolio categories: conservative, moderate, and aggressive, and have created a risk metre with precise descriptions of each Investor type. The SEBI risk metre idea has been used to represent the degrees of risk on mutual fund soliciting.

What are the risks associated with investing in mutual funds

Mutual funds provide excellent diversification and possible wealth growth benefits when invested over lengthy periods of time. While debt and fixed income products are less risky, equities mutual funds can experience volatility. We advocate a 5 year or longer investing horizon since volatility decreases with time. Negative returns for equities funds and mark to market losses for debt funds owing to interest rate fluctuations are two typical concerns in mutual funds. Mutual funds, on the other hand, are one of the greatest financial tools for investors if invested with discipline and over a long time horizon. Read our Financial Basics now!

In MyFirstCrore model portfolio's, are withdrawals/redemptions allowed to the Investors?

Yes, all three of the mentioned model portfolios include exit alternatives, and the funds can be liquidated on any business working day, with a redemption turnaround time of T + 3 working days for equity funds and T plus 1-2 working days for debt funds for tests. If an investor redeems on Monday and the transaction is handled on Monday according to the deadlines, the cash will be reimbursed on Thursday according to the bank's mandate.

What is the process of withdrawing / redeeming the funds?

The withdrawal request can be made online through our website, or in writing and delivered directly to the Asset Management Company.

What happens to my Investment corpus in case of any exigency such as death?

Nominations with Asset Management Companies are necessary for any investments made through our distribution platform. In the event of death, the person named by the Investor will be the beneficiary.

As an Investor can I mange my own portfolio and can I view my portfolio details online?

  • Yes, our site provides a thorough Make My Own Portfolio area where you may purchase and sell funds of your choosing.
  • You may examine the performance of your money at any time of day by checking in with your user ID and password.

Can I use these Mutual funds as collateral / security to raise funds?

Yes, all of these mutual funds may be used as collateral to raise cash, and many financing institutions offer this service.

What happens to my Investments invested through Complete Circle Capital Pvt. Ltd. if the company shuts down its operations or goes bankcrupt?

As an investor, you won't be unaffected because we are merely a distribution platform and your investments will continue to be managed by asset management firms.

Do I receive tangible copies of my investments, such as a Passbook, as an Investor for records and proof?

Yes as an Investor you will get physical copies of your Investments done with the respective Asset Management Company capturing all transactions done with your personal details at your registered mailing address as updated.

Do I get an acknowledgement for every transaction I make?

Yes, you will receive an email for each transaction you complete on our platform.