Who and What is Myfirstcrore.com?

Myfirstcrore.com is an online distribution portal of mutual funds and financial products available on both website and mobile applications. It gives investors a platform to save systematically with a discipline thereby contributing in their endeavour to Save Big and Create Wealth.It is neither a promise nor a commitment but a tool towards the goal of making their first crore in mutual funds.

Who are the promoters of Myfirstcrore.com?

The venture has been started by 3 senior wealth managers with each having over 12 years of wealth management experience across both retail and high net worth individuals with prior experience across banks and NBFCs. For Details, please visit our About Us section on our website MyfirstCrore.com

What are the benefits of Myfirstcrore.com?

  • Seamless and Transparent online portal to invest in mutual funds
  • Ease, convenience and secure mode of transactions
  • Financial Awareness, Literacy and simplifying investment decisions.
  • Host of Value Added Services namely assistance in filing of IT rerurns, legal services including succession planning and will writing.
  • Honest, transparent and one stop shop for all your investment needs.

How do I make MyfirstCrore? (Simple Steps Outlined)

As mentioned earlier it is neither a promise nor a commitment but a tool towards the goal of making their first crore in mutual funds.

Step 1:

Decide the amount you can invest on a monthly basis. We recommend atleast 15-20% of your monthly earnings. Higher the better.

Step 2:

Select your risk appetite namely, Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive. Each risk profile has a model portfolio comprising of best funds in the industry with back tested data and fund attributes. It also gives you am illustration on time horizon basis the amount you can invest monthly.

Step 3:

Once you chose the amount and category our software will calculate the estimated time horizon by which you can get closer to your aspirational goal of One Crore.

Step 4:

If satisfied with the suggested time horizon, the investor will be shown the underlying funds wherein the money will be invested and details of the funds.

Step 5:

The investors will than be asked to furnish the PAN to check the KYC status. KYC compliant clients will than enter their personal details and will proceed to the payment gateway for authorizing the fund transfer to the scheme.

Step 6:

The soft copy of form with username and password will be mailed to your registered e-mail id. Our representative will contact and collect the physically signed copy within 7 working days. Alternatively, he will carry a physical copy for requisite signatures.

What are Mutual Funds?

A mutual fund is a type of professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. While there is legal definition of the term mutual fund. It is most commonly applied only to those collective investment vehicles that are regulated and sold to the general public. They are sometime referred to as investment companies or registered investment companies. In India all mutual funds are run by Asset Management Companies.

Are these Mutual Funds Regulated in India?

Yes all mutual funds are subject to an extensive and detailed regulatory regime set forth by the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and follow guidelines as laid down by the Association of Mutual of India (AMFI) (You may visit websites of www.sebi.com and www.amfi.com for further understanding)

How are you assessing my risk appetite?

We have outlined three model portfolio categories namely Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive and have pictorially prepared a risk meter with clear definitions of each category of Investor. The risk meter concept has been adapted from SEBI to indicate the levels of risk on solicitation of mutual funds.

What are the risks associated with investing in mutual funds

Mutual funds offer great diversification and potential wealth creation benefits if invested for longer periods. While debt and fixed income products are relatively less riskier, equity mutual funds can have volatility. We recommend a minimum 5 year plus horizon for investment as volatility subsides over long term. Some common risks in mutual funds could be negative returns for equity and mark to market loss for debt funds due to changes in interest rate. However if invested with discipline and long time horizon mutual funds are one of best Fianncial products for investors.

In MyFirstCrore model portfolio's, are withdrawals/redemptions allowed to the Investors?

Yes, all three model portfolios as outlined allow exit options and the funds can be liquidated on any business working days with a redemption turn around time of T plus 3 working days for equity funds and T plus 1-2 working days for debt funds for exams if an investor redeems on Monday and the transaction gets processed on Monday itself as per timelines then the funds will be credited on Thursday as per bank mandate.

What is the process of withdrawing / redeeming the funds?

The withdrawal request can be placed on line through our website alternatively through a written request and can be given directly to the Asset Management Company.

What happens to my Investment corpus in case of any exigency such as death?

All investments done through our distribution platform are required to maintain nominations with the Asset Management Companies. In case of death the beneficiary will be the person who has been nominated by the Investor.

As an Investor can I mange my own portfolio and can I view my portfolio details online?

  • Yes our platform has a detailed Make My Own Portfolio section where you can choose to buy and sell your own choice of funds.
  • You can view your portfolio at any time of the day by logging in with your user Id and password to check the performance of your funds.

Can I use these Mutual funds as collateral / security to raise funds?

Yes all these mutual funds can be given as security to raise funds and the facility is available with many finance companies.

What happens to my Investments invested through MyfirstCrore.com if the company shuts down its operations or goes bankcrupt?

As an Investor you will not be affected at all since we are only a distribution platform and your Investments will continue with the Asset Management Companies.

As an Investor do I get any physical copies of my Investments such as a Passbook for records and proof of the same?

Yes as an Investor you will get physical copies of your Investments done with the respective Asset Management Company capturing all transactions done with your personal details at your registered mailing address as updated.

Each time when I transact do I get an acknowledgment of the same?

Yes each time you transact on our platform you will receive an email for the transaction done.