First Affluent

This segment primarily consists of salaried professionals and also includes 35% to 40% of self-employed individuals, with an annual income ranging from ₹30 Lacs to ₹1 Cr. and financial assets and portfolio upto 1 cr. Consumers in this segment embrace technology in every aspect of their lives and are increasingly leading a global lifestyle. Waiting is no longer an option. They want an investment consultant that values their time, offers world-class digital services and supports their investing needs. We seek to deliver all of these and make investments convenient and smart. It's time to 'Rethink Investments "

Our value added services include

  1. Complete financial planning - meeting your life goals by channelizing your finances appropriately as per your roadmap so that you are free to live with a sense of freedom.
  2. Assistance in tax filling.
  3. Assistance in estate planning services and preparation of wills.
  4. Exclusive lifestyle and travel tie ups.
  5. Real estate services for residential projects free of cost.

First Private Client

This segment primarily consists of leadership professionals , entrepreneurs and promoters with annual income In excess of ₹ 5 cr and financial assets worth more than ₹ 1 cr.

Clients We Serve

We are a trusted advisor to some of the most successful and influential individuals and families.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Lower risk and higher yields than cash, as well as protection against deflation

Corporate Leaders & Executives

We work with owners and executives of both publicly traded and privately held companies, helping them grow and preserve their personal wealth. We can help you plan before, during and after a liquidity event and structure a wealth plan that suits your unique situation.

Law Firms & Attorneys

We serve as one of the premier advisors to the legal profession, committed to serving the financial management needs of some of the world's top law firms, their partners and associates.

NextGen Young Turks

The new generation Indian entrepreneurs are taking world by storm .Their investment needs are unique and approach to life different. The investment programs and solutions are tailor made to serve the unique needs and solutions.

Next Generation also focuses on tomorrow and beyond providing programs, tools and resources to the children of our clients.