Financial Personality Assessment

To invest is to embark on a journey – the first step of which is our bespoke research-based assessment of your 'Financial Personality'. Investors naturally differ in how comfortable they are with decision making, complex products and investment strategy. Hence there is a need to develop an intricate understanding of each client.

The process is a quantitative one that calls upon both your rational and emotional reactions towards investing, allowing a complete map of the characteristics forming your Financial Personality and investor profile.

Regardless of the environment, our aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the investment journey.


Asset Allocation

Studies have proven that a Diversified Asset Allocation accounts for around 90% of a portfolio's long term returns, making it the single greatest source of returns over the long run.

Complete Circle Consultants Pvt ltd forges a singular path in measuring market capitalisation and the intimate characteristics of alternative asset classes. This enables it to determine the optimal size of each allocation within your diversified portfolio.

Asset Class Characteristics:

Domestic Equity: Historically, you will find higher risk-adjusted returns than bonds over long spells of time

Domestic Bonds/ Fixed Income: Lower risk and higher yields than cash, as well as protection against deflation

Real estate: potential compensation for illiquidity in the form of high risk-adjusted returns.

Offshore Equity: Achieve higher risk adjusted returns with unique views on other asset classes and global outlooks. Also hedges and adds diversification.

Alternatives & Commodities: Long gestation period and tactical. Not to exceed 10% of overall portfolio.


Portfolio Construction and Product Selection

Our fund selection methodology is a composite measure of both returns and risk. It is quantitative and there is also a qualitative component to the Fund selection. The assessment not only gives a quick summary of how a fund has performed historically relative to its peers it also tries to capture future potential which no rating agencies attempt to do.

Our Primary Section gives an Investor to choose from some of the best and well researched mutual funds, thereby giving our Investors a platform to transact anytime and anywhere. For beginners and people with little time or knowledge, we have designed 3 model portfolios to choose from:

1. Conservative

For investors who want preservation of capital and low volatility and predicatble returns.

2. Moderate

For Investors who want to achieve the twin objective of growth and are willing to accept moderate volatility.

3. Aggressive

For Investors who have the risk appetite to withstand volatility and who believe in the power of equity being the best asset class in the long term.


The model portfolio comprises of well researched funds with excellent track record across parameters of risk, returns and key portfolio attributes. We assign more weightage to risk adjusted returns over pure returns.Its important to focus on risks when it comes to investing your valuable savings and warrants every attention.


Regular Portfolio Monitoring yet low churn

How a Review Can Improve Returns

After the end of every calendar quarter, a portfolio needs to be reviewed to make sure that it is achieving your desired results within acceptable risk and other constraints, such as cash flow requirements and tax considerations.Most individuals pull money out of stock investments at the bottom of the market, preventing them from participating in a recovery, and buy at the peak, just in time to lose money. We attempt to delay impulsive reactions both in fear and greed zone and steer the portfolio emphasising the principles of long term investing.